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Pērļu Zvejnieks

A tribute to a canonical work of Latvian literature and its author - Jānis Poruks.

PēterisUpītis was well-versed in Latvian literature. The works of the poet and prose-writer JānisPoruks were favourites in the Upītisfamily. Pēteris's brother, Augusts Upītis, would quote poetry by Poruks when visiting him in Dobele. The lilac 'PērļuZvejnieks' is a tribute to the great poet."(...) I am nothing but a fisher of pearls who has descended to these bottomless depths of the world to fish for himself enough pearls to be able to buy himself the right to live in another world. I know that I am immortal, a contributor of the universe, of all what was, is and will be; a different world will smile upon me now: I must leave this one behind; I have loved, I have found so many pearls that I can return to whence we all came – the divine; I place my find by her feet; here I have found magnificence, love, truth within dreams and dreams within truth. Everything resonates, as if it was all a grand symphony, where all play along."

'Pērļu Zvejnieks'