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About us


We, the Institute of Horticulture, are the leading research centre for fruit and vegetable growing in the Baltic region. The institute is located in two research campuses - in Dobele and Pūre. 

The institute conducts research in molecular biology, phytopathology, entomology, and develops and adapts modern fruit and vegetable cultivation technologies to promote the production of high-quality horticultural crops, as well as to create fruit and vegetable varieties suitable for the Baltic Sea region. Our scientists develop recipes and create innovative and high-quality processed fruit and vegetable products that meet the dietary requirements of modern society. Every year, we improve the range of food products produced at the institute, as well as offer fruit tree and lilac varieties bred in the institute alongside with broad assortments of cultivars bred elsewhere, but suitable for Latvian climatical conditions.

The Pēteris Upītis Horticulture Museum, in close cooperation with the institute, introduces the personality and lifelong achievements of breeder Pēteris Upītis, stimulates public interest in breeding, current research, and horticultural traditions in Latvia, offering cultural and scientific events during the active gardening season.

The lilac garden of the Institute of Horticulture is the most significant publicly open lilac collection in Europe, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year to admire the brightest jewel of Dobele - the blooming cherry orchard in spring. At the end of May, we invite you to the traditional outdoor classical music concert in the Institute of Horticulture's lilac garden and offer other musical events.

Summer is the time to taste delicious berries! In the garden, around 300 varieties of sweet and sour cherries are available, introduced from at least 12 different countries. Cherries can be picked and purchased on-site. We also offer plums, currants, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables.

In autumn, on the last Friday of September, we invite you to participate in the Researchers' Night events in both locations – in Dobele and Pūre. During the pear and apple season, on the first Saturday of October, we celebrate the traditional Apple Festival in the garden in Dobele, where more than 1000 different apple varieties are grown.

In our plant nursery, around 40 different lilac varieties, dozens of apple, plum, cherry, berry, and other fruit tree varieties are available for purchase.

In the Institute of Horticulture's shop, you can buy seasonal berries, fruits, vegetables, and their processed products - delicious juices, syrups, candied fruits, and other delicacies, as well as ice cream of various tastes.

"Dobeles lilacs" are the brand of our commercial platform, offering the best of the best that can be experienced and purchased at the Institute of Horticulture. On this website, you can familiarize yourself with the offerings of the Institute of Horticulture, virtually visit the cherry orchard, learn about the offerings of the Pēteris Upītis Horticulture Museum, listen to stories about the names of his selected lilac varieties, as well as purchase delicacies produced at the Institute of Horticulture, plant varieties, and the latest books on fruit growing.

Dārzkopības institūta apmeklētāju centra tālr. nr.  +371 29196201,